Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Holidays 2011!

Dear Family and Friends,

Because I am a low-energy, procrastinating mother of 6, this online Christmas/New Year letter is the best I can do (plus it saves on stamps, thus fulfilling my penny pincher side)!

This was the year of big decisions for our family. Madeleine, our oldest, turned 17 in February. She decided to spend her sophomore year living in Morrison, TN with my parents, who bought a farm there (literally, not figuratively). After the school year ended, she moved back home with us. As getting to school has been such a struggle for her, due to medical issues, she is currently on homebound. She has decided that Job Corps is the best pathway for jumpstarting her future, and has applied to the EMT program in Cleveland, OH, where she will earn her high school diploma and become a certified EMT. She is dating a wonderful young man, who has decided to spend 2 years serving as a missionary.

Steven turned 16 in May, and is working on his sophomore year of high school. He has also decided that academics are not his thing, but would instead like to enroll in the military and fly airplanes *gasp*! We are lucky that there is a program through the high school where he can test out of academic subjects and instead earn certifications at the technical school in the next town. Steven has also decided to enter the world of dating, albeit car-less, and is dating a very nice and drama-free girl from our town.

Allison turned 14 in May (sending her parents in denial about their age). She has decided, with her parents input, that the school system has little to offer her, and has been “home-schooled” for the past 2 years. This consists of her eating whenever she wants, flipping through some highly academic books, such as the dictionary and her mother’s old Organic Chemistry and Biology textbooks, and drawing letters on her magnetic doodle board. She is still a BIG FAN of music and always wants her “Song!” playing. She has maintained her current health and seems as happy as any other teen-age girl!

Eric turned a big one-o in September. He has decided that there are so many activities he would like to do, such as football, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, and hip-hop, that he can’t make up his mind! He took gymnastics for a few months last year, with his younger brother, and was invited to be on the team, but that idea was too much for him, and he decided to stop going at all (much to his mother’s chagrin). He currently is working hard in his fourth grade class. He likes to play outside, no matter what the weather, and is our biggest fan of movies.

Calvin turned 8 one week ago, and for his birthday, he decided to get baptized! We are very proud of him. Calvin is our smartest child- just ask him! He loves math, puzzles and computer games. He also was quite good at gymnastics, and was on the boy’s team for a few weeks before the pressure became too much for him. He decided that was the end of his gymnastics career, leaving his mother in *sniff* tears. When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he says, “You know that person at Wal-mart that says hello to everyone. . . .” We couldn’t be prouder of his decision ;)

Ivan turned 3 today!! Happy Birthday to him! Ivan made the big decision to potty-train HIMSELF this summer. Awesome decision, little guy. He is a fan of his big brother, Steven, and of movies, cereal and milk, and of Toy Story. We ALL are a big fan of Ivan!

Keith has decided to stick with his current job for at least another year. On that note, we are very grateful that he HAS a good job to stick with, in light of the current economic struggles of so many! Keith keeps very busy with his calling in church. He has also decided he likes to build and create, and spends many hours in the garage with his various projects. He still is a big fan of mountain climbing, and in his dreams we are living within driving distance of Mount Blanca in southern Colorado. . . . Maybe a decision for next year?

Candi, aka Mom, has deciding to continue to be a mom. After being accepted to the medical school at Marshall University last year, and then deferring the decision for another year, she has decided that her current energy level will only allow her to pursue one major. Medical school would have been the easy choice, in her opinion, but not at the expense of the family. She also decided against a future as a genetic counselor, due to some conflicting moral beliefs. Now, the big decision remains: another baby or are we done? Maybe adoption? (Keep your ears open for us)

The best decision we have made as a family is to continue to have faith in our Savior, whose influence guides us daily as we strive to improve and serve others. Please let us know if we can bless YOUR lives and families in any way. Much love,

The Schempp Family

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