Sunday, September 05, 2010

An Ode to Calvin

I have a wonderful little boy named Calvin.  He says the most interesting things.  This summer, after I told him he could earn money to buy his own silly bands by doing chores, he says, "I am not the kid who likes to do chores", like, duh Mom!  Last week, when I asked him if he had done his homework yet, he says. . . (you guessed it) "I am not the kid who likes to do homework".  But he is the kid who likes to give hugs, smiles, and lovins, so I'm a very lucky mom!
We have a special man in our ward who has developed some health problems over the past couple of years.  He is no longer able to walk without his walker.  A few months ago, he came up to me and asked me what my son's name was, as he points out Calvin.  With tears in his eyes he thanks me for raising such a wonderful son.  He then tells me what had just transpired in the mens room: 
 This gentleman had just finished using the facilities, and came out to wash his hands.  Calvin was just finishing up washing his hands and goes to the door, and opens it.  He stays there with the door open for a couple of minutes and holds it open for the man when he was ready to leave. 
For some reason, he was so impressed that Calvin recognized another person's need and answered that need, at such a young age (Calvin is 6).  This wonderful man even shared this same story with the congregation, a couple of weeks later.  Keith and I were not surprised b/c we always knew we had a special boy, but it was sure nice to hear that he shows his good side to the rest of the world, too!  I made sure that I let this gentleman know that it had nothing to do with how Calvin was parented, but that he was just born with an extra loving heart.
Keith overheard him talking on Friday to his brother Eric, who is eight, about attending a girl's birthday party.  The conversation went like this:
Eric:  She might give out goody bags with girly stuff in them.
Calvin:  If she does that, I will very nicely and politely tell her that I don't really want any.  You have to be nice and polite to girls because if you don't, they get REALLY mad and yell.
So, our little 6 year old has already figured out the mysteries of the other sex.  Apparently, some kids were throwing rocks at recess, and Calvin told a girl that it was dangerous, and she had let him HAVE IT!  He's a quick learner.
My other children are wonderful, too, in their own way.  But, Calvin is just been a special bright spot in our family and we are so grateful that we have him!

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